Original Cross Stitch Designs
That Capture the
Memories of Your Lifetime
Cross Stitch your favorite Memories of the places you
have been -
The Queen Anne Mansion in Eureka Springs, AK
The Washington Monument,
or even Sea World in Orlando.  
The Beauty of  a Lion or Tiger
The Grace of a Giraffe
Or the thrills of a Broadway Show like
For over 18 years we have Designed Cross Stitch for Historic Sites,
Organizations, Business, and Individuals.  JMS Cross Stitch is the
exclusive Designer for The Major Historic Sites in the Florida Keys.
We now are able to offer to you many of our designs, or we can create a
chart from your photograph of that special memory in cross stitch  
Although our custom designs are initially computer generated as an experienced graphic designer the pattern
is completely checked for detail and the colors are compared to the latest DMC color charts for accuracy.
All rights reserved.
Historic Sites
Broadway Shows
Handmade Herbal Soaps
Magnetic Jewelry
Hand Knitted /Scaves,
Hats and Baby Items